Managing Organisational Risk

This is a Risk Management Spreadsheet you can adapt to record and review the organisational risks faced by your charity.

The Charity Commission advises that charities should regularly review and assess the risks faced by their charity in all areas of its work and plan for the management of those risks.

Risk is an everyday part of charitable activity and managing it effectively is essential if the trustees are to achieve their key objectives and safeguard their charity’s funds and assets.

Charities need to:

  • identify the major risks that apply to their charity
  • make decisions about how to respond to the risks they face
  • make an appropriate statement regarding risk management in their annual report

You may also find the following resources helpful:


This spreadsheet is to record overall risks to your organisation and day to day service delivery. If you need a risk assessment template for different activities taking place in your community building, you can find this here



This template covers the main areas you may need to consider in this area, but you will need to read it in the context of your own organisation, which may mean amendments to make it fully relevant are necessary. It does not constitute legal advice and further steps may be necessary to ensure you comply with current UK legislation.